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        Youth Learn to Sail

        About the program:

          Ages 8-17 can learn the art and fun of sailing! Designed to teach sailing basics and beyond. When registering, please indicate experience level. Instruction is customized to the student! Beginning students each have their own Optimist Dinghy, sized just for young sailors: 8 foot long wooden sailing prams that are lightweight, safe and stable. These craft are so easy to operate that they are the world-wide choice of junior sailing programs. More advanced sailors will sail in the new Open Bics, Club 420s or Lasers.

          In a fun-filled stimulating environment, this program builds:

        1. self-esteem

        2. personal confidence

        3. responsibility

        4. teamwork skills

        5. Additionally-  it gets our kids looking up from their devices!

        Water Safety


          Students will be asked to demonstrate that they can swim with the aid of their life jackets (this is really to demonstrate that they are comfortable in the water while wearing life jackets). While Traverse Area Community Sailing has a limited number of life jackets for use, students are encouraged to provide their own for better fit and regular use after the class. We will sail in the rain so clothing appropriate to the weather should be provided. We require closed toe shoes (tennis shoes, boat shoes, crocs, anything that encloses and protect the student feet). Towels, a water bottle, a change of dry clothes and snacks are often appropriate.

        Half day sessions are recommended for children under the age of 12.

        Full day classes are hard for the younger students.

        AM Half Day(9am - noon)  PM Half Day(1-4pm) Full Day(9-4pm) 


        2020 Program Schedule:

        Youth #1 Jun 15 - Jun 26 

          AM or PM -  $295

          FULL Day  - $535

        Youth #2 Jun 29 - Jul 2 (4 Days) 

          AM or PM -  $150

          FULL Day  - $425

        Youth #3 Jul 6 - Jul 17 

          AM or PM -  $295

          FULL Day  - $535

        Youth #4 Jul 20 - Jul 31 

          AM or PM -  $295

          FULL Day  - $535

        Youth #5 Aug 3 - Aug 14 

          AM or PM -  $295

          FULL Day  - $535